September 29, 2022
Hatch Group Energy, Construction and Engineering Jobs

Hatch Group Energy, Construction and Engineering Jobs

Our organization is passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. We embrace your visions as our own and partner with you to develop better ideas that are smarter, more efficient, and innovative. Our global network of 9,000 professionals work on the world’s toughest challenges. Our corporate roots extend back more than a hundred years, and our experience spans over 150 countries around the world in the metals, energy, infrastructure, digital, and investments market sectors.

Hatch Group Energy, Construction and Engineering Jobs

Document Control Manager                                    Perth, Western Australia, AU

Learning Partner – Engineering                                Mississauga, ON, CA

Structural Technologist                                             Winnipeg, MB, CA

Senior Product Manager                                           Montreal, QC, CA

EOI – Junior Site Inspectors – Thunder Bay             Thunder Bay, ON, CA

Intermediate Geotechnical Engineer                      Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Graduate Engineer – Civil (Infrastructure)              Queensland, AU

Intermediate Designer – Vancouver                        Vancouver, BC, CA

Construction Services Manager – Transit Projects               Mississauga, ON, CA

Rail Engineer – Track design and Alignment          Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Mechanical and Piping Designer – Brisbane           Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Junior Mechanical Engineer                                      Pittsburgh, PA, US

Vendor Quality Surveillance Representative         Mississauga, ON, CA

Senior Software Developer                                       Mississauga, ON, CA

Power BI Developer                                                   Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Document Controller – Vendor Data – Jakarta      Jakarta, JK, ID

Infrastructure, Water – Structural Engineer EIT    ON, CA

Intermediate Cloud Analyst                                      Mississauga, ON, CA

Junior Mechanical Designer                                      ON, CA

Sudbury – Automation Designer                               ON, CA

Mechanical EIT                                                            ON, CA

Structural EIT                                                               ON, CA

Automation EIT                                                           ON, CA

Junior Structural Designer                                         ON, CA

Electrical EIT                                                                ON, CA

Vancouver – I&C – Senior Engineer (Hourly)          Winnipeg, MB, CA

EOI- P&ID Designer                                                    Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Senior UX Designer                                                     Montreal, QC, CA

Intermediate Engineer – Adelaide                            Adelaide, South Australia, AU

Ingénieur(e) en ponts ferroviaires                           Montréal, QC, CA

Technicien junior/intermédiaire en Structure – Sorel-Tracy             Montréal, QC, CA

Candidat à la profession d’Ingénieur (CPI) Structure – TRACY          Sorel-Tracy, QC, CA

Senior Civil Designer                                                   Mississauga, ON, CA

Senior Civil Engineer                                                   Mississauga, ON, CA

Control and Instrumentation Engineer                   Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Intermediate Structural Engineer – Montreal        Montreal, QC, CA

Ingénieur(e) en Structure                                          Montréal, QC, CA

Ingénieur(e) en Structure (Sorel-Tracy)                  Sorel-Tracy, QC, CA

Senior BIM Manager                                                  Mississauga, ON, CA

Vacation Student – Ports & Terminals (Perth)       Western Australia, AU

Structural Designer                                                     Adelaide, South Australia, AU

Senior Process Engineer – Hydromet USA              Salt Lake City, UT, US

Technologist/Senior Structural Technician – Montreal       Montreal, QC, CA

Technicien senior en Structure – Montréal            Montréal, QC, CA

Field Package Engineer VBME (site)                        St. John’s, NL, CA

Senior Principal                                                            Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Senior Project Engineer – Technologies                 Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Director, Community Engagement and Social Performance, South America             Santiago, Santiago Province, CL

Senior Specialist, Community Engagement and Social Performance            Lima, LIM, PE

Electrical EIT                                                                BC, CA

Project Administrator – Niagara Falls                      Mississauga, ON, CA

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Perth                        Perth, Western Australia, AU

2023 Graduate Engineer – Mechanical (Perth)      Western Australia, AU

Construction Supervisor Structural, Mechanical and Piping             Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Bilingual Advisory Business Analyst                         Montreal, QC, CA

Service Desk Intern/Tech                                          TX, US

Junior Process Engineer                                             ON, CA

Intermediate Engineer Tailings                                Lima, LIM, PE

Senior Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineer           Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Consultant                                                                    Perth, Western Australia, AU

Ingénieur mécanique Baie-Comeau                        Baie-Comeau, QC, CA

Smart Grid Engineer                                                   Mississauga, ON, CA

Power System Planning & Studies Manager          Winnipeg, MB, CA

Senior Impact Assessment Lead – Vancouver       Vancouver, BC, CA

Senior Hydrogen Consultant                                     Mississauga, ON, CA

Gestionnaire de contrats principal                          Montréal, QC, CA

Ingénieur des procédés sénior d’Hydrométallurgie             Montréal, QC, CA

Distribution Utility Engineer                                     Mississauga, ON, CA

Engagement Manager                                               Lima, LIM, PE

Consultant                                                                    Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Senior Mechanical Engineer                                     Tampa, FL, US

NG22 – Mechanical designer                                    QC, CA

Facilities Manager                                                      Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Civil Designer – Perth                                                  Perth, Western Australia, AU

Lead Grid Modernization Engineer/Project Manager         Mississauga, ON, CA

Responsable de travaux de construction, Sorel-Tracy       Montréal, QC, CA

Senior Environmental Consultant (Calgary)           Calgary, AB, CA

CAD Manager – Brisbane                                           Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Consultant en processus environnementaux – Aluminium Montréal, QC, CA

Fisheries Biologist – Vancouver                                Vancouver, BC, CA

Utility Asset Management Engineer                       Mississauga, ON, CA

Project Controls Manager                                         Perth, Western Australia, AU

Ingénieur Mécanique Montréal                               Montréal, QC, CA

Hydro-Metallurgical Engineer                                  Montreal, QC, CA

Construction Supervisor Earthworks and Civil      Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Technology Development Engineer                        Mississauga, ON, CA

Senior Structural Engineer                                        Calgary, AB, CA

Concepteur Mécanique Junior                                 QC, CA

Lead Fisheries Biologist                                             Vancouver, BC, CA

Estimateur de projets                                                 Montréal, QC, CA

Intermediate/Senior Civil Engineer                         St. John’s, NL, CA

Ingénieur Manutention en vrac – Montréal           Montréal, QC, CA

Lead Piping Engineer                                                  Perth, Western Australia, AU

Project Administrator                                                 Perth, Western Australia, AU

Ingénieur Sr Gestion des résidus                              Montréal, QC, CA

Bridge Inspection Engineer                                       Mississauga, ON, CA

Technicien principal – Centre d’assistance informatique – Montréal             Montréal, QC, CA

Port Planner                                                                 Brooklyn, NY, US

Quality Assurance Representative                           Philadelphia, PA, US

Snr Payroll Specialist                                                  Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Mechanical Designer                                                  Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Lead Ammonia Process Engineer                            Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Graduate – Project Controls (Perth)                        Western Australia, AU

Ingénieur mécanique Sorel-Tracy                            Sorel-Tracy, QC, CA

Senior Civil Engineer – Gurugram                             Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Ingénieur Tuyauteries – Montréal                            Montréal, QC, CA

Agent Approvisionnement – Montréal                    Montréal, QC, CA

Noise and Vibration Engineer                                   Mississauga, ON, CA

Instrumentation & Control Engineer – Brisbane   Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Estimateur de projet                                                  Montréal, QC, CA

Specialist, Community Engagement                       Montreal, QC, CA

Ingénieur(e) intermédiaire ou sénior en mécanique des groupes turbine-alternateur – Chef d’équipe                                                                        Montréal, QC, CA

Piping Engineer                                                            Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Spécialiste Engagement communautaire – Montréal         Montréal, QC, CA

Lead Civil Engineer                                                     Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Rail Transit Vehicle Project Manager (Seattle)     Seattle, WA, US

Senior Structural Engineer                                        Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Materials Manager – Houston                                  Houston, TX, US

Program Manager                                                      Brooklyn, NY, US

System Administrator – ICT                                       Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Simulation Engineer                                                   Mississauga, ON, CA

Electrical Designer – Brisbane                                   Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Directeurs de projets – Montréal                             Montréal, QC, CA

Intermediate Environmental Engineer/Scientist  Sudbury, ON, CA

Technicien(ne) en géospatial                                    QC, CA

Lead Mechanical Engineer                                        Perth, Western Australia, AU

Ingénieur(e) spécialisé(e) en conception et en gestion de projets de tunnels            Montréal, QC, CA

Ingénieur Géotechnique en tunnel                          Montréal, QC, CA

Senior Corrosion/Materials Engineer                     Mississauga, ON, CA

HRIS Analyst                                                                 Mississauga, ON, CA

Ingénieur programmeur sr automatisation & contrôle de procédés – Montréal       Montréal, QC, CA

K3K4 Piping Designer                                                  Perth, Western Australia, AU

Graduate Engineer – Mechanical                             Queensland, AU

EOI – Senior Site Inspectors – Thunder Bay            Thunder Bay, ON, CA

EOI – Senior Structural Inspector – Thunder Bay   Thunder Bay, ON, CA

EOI – Office Person / Junior Site Inspector – Thunder Bay Thunder Bay, ON, CA

Graduate Engineer – Control, Automation & Electrical      Queensland, AU

Principal / Senior Sustainability Consultant           Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Intermediate Planner                                                 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, AE

Junior Rail Vehicle Mechanical Engineer                PA, US

Civil Designer – OpenRoads                                       Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Intermediate Planner                                                 Sudbury, ON, CA

Project Procurement Manager                                Calgary, AB, CA

Junior Controls & Automation Engineer                TX, US

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Adelaide                  Adelaide, South Australia, AU

Senior Structural Engineer – Hydropower & Dams – Niagara Falls  Niagara Falls, ON, CA

Structural Designer – Infrastructure                        Mississauga, ON, CA

Structural Engineer – Infrastructure                        Mississauga, ON, CA

Junior Mechanical Designer                                      Trail, BC, CA

Senior Automation Specialist                                   Mississauga, ON, CA

Senior Electrical Engineer- Pittsburgh                    Pittsburgh, PA, US

Rail Vehicle Engineer – Carbody & Trucks              Ambler, PA, US

Senior Rail Operations Analyst                                 Dallas, TX, US

NDT Engineer-In-Training                                         ON, CA

Civil Engineer                                                               Bogota, Antioquia, CO

Senior RAMS Engineer                                               Vancouver, BC, CA

Comminution – Senior Consultant                           Vancouver, BC, CA

Geotechnical EIT                                                         AB, CA

Mississauga – Operational Technology (OT) Integration Specialist Mississauga, ON, CA

Mechanical Lead Bogotá Office                              Medellin, Antioquia, CO

Senior Control Systems Engineer                             Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Mechanical Designer – Wollongong                        Wollongong, New South Wales, AU

Health and Safety Advisor                                         Perth, Western Australia, AU

Digital Solutions Sales Executive – Vancouver      Vancouver, BC, CA

Digital Solutions Sales Executive- USA                   Chicago, IL, US

Director of Oil Sands                                                  Calgary, AB, CA

Intermediate Highway Engineer                              Vancouver, BC, CA

Engagement Manager                                               Chicago, IL, US

Consultant                                                                    Montreal, QC, CA

Advisory Business Analyst                                         IL, US

Traction Power Engineer                                           Chicago, IL, US

Advisory Analyst                                                          Chicago, IL, US

Project Manager Construction (Linear Infrastructure) Water/Wastewater Mississauga, ON, CA

Business Intelligence Lead                                        Mississauga, ON, CA

Senior CAD Designer – Thunder Bay                        Thunder Bay, ON, CA

Intermediate Civil Engineer – Thunder Bay            Thunder Bay, ON, CA

Senior Electrical Engineer – Mississauga                Mississauga, ON, CA

Controls & Automation Engineer – Saskatoon      Saskatoon, SK, CA

Candidat(e) à la profession d’Ingénieur, équipe de simulation        QC, CA

Client Action Team Pursuit Manager                      Mississauga, ON, CA

Electrical Engineer – Vancouver                               Vancouver, BC, CA

Senior Highways Engineer/Manager – Vancouver               Vancouver, BC, CA

Ports & Marine Project Manager/Study Manager               Montreal, QC, CA

Project Manager – Linear Water & Wastewater  Mississauga, ON, CA

Senior Track Designer, Rail                                       Vancouver, BC, CA

Client Engagement Coordinator                              Mississauga, ON, CA

Intermediate Structural Engineer – Saskatoon      Saskatoon, SK, CA

NG2023 – Saskatoon – Controls & Automation EIT             SK, CA

NG2023 – Saskatoon – Electrical-Junior Designer SK, CA

Candidat(e) à la profession d’Ingénieur, équipe ferroviaire             QC, CA

BIM Coordinator                                                         Mississauga, ON, CA

Digital Twin Solution Lead                                        Mississauga, ON, CA

Houston – Senior Instrumentation Designer          Houston, TX, US

Director of Software Development                        Mississauga, ON, CA

Application Architect                                                  Mississauga, ON, CA

Snr. Project Manager UK                                           London, London, GB

Mississauga – Fluvial Geomorphologist                  Mississauga, ON, CA

Power Systems Engineer – Sydney                           Sydney, New South Wales, AU

Hydrotechnical Engineer – Niagara Falls                Niagara Falls, ON, CA

Calgary – Intermediate Stormwater Management Engineer            Calgary, AB, CA

Mississauga – Senior Hydrologist                             Mississauga, ON, CA

Project Engineer, Signals                                           Markham, ON, CA

Risk Analytics Engineer – Brisbane                           Brisbane, Queensland, AU

EPCM Controller                                                         Salt Lake City, UT, US

Database Administrator                                            Vancouver, BC, CA

Transmission Engineer                                               Tampa, FL, US

Senior Instrumentation & Controls Engineer        Pittsburgh, PA, US

Senior Systems Engineer/Systems Integration Leader – Vancouver              Vancouver, BC, CA

Project Piping Discipline Lead/Sr. Piping Engineer               Vancouver, BC, CA

Health and Safety Advisor                                         Ambler, PA, US

Senior Process Engineer – Hydromet USA              Houston, TX, US

Digital Consultant                                                       Mississauga, ON, CA

Software Developer                                                   Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Senior Software Developer – Backend                    Mississauga, ON, CA

SharePoint Developer                                                Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Saskatoon – Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer        Saskatoon, SK, CA

Senior .Net Software Developer                              Mississauga, ON, CA

Senior Civil Engineer                                                   Pittsburgh, PA, US

Civil Designer – Roads & Grading                             Tampa, FL, US

Railroad and Rail Transit Signal/Train Control Engineer    Ambler, PA, US

COMOS Technical Product Implementation Specialist       Mississauga, ON, CA

Contract Specialist                                                      Mississauga, ON, CA

Graduate – Project Controls (Melbourne)              Victoria, AU

Vacation Student – Geotechnical and Tailings      Western Australia, AU

Graduate Engineer – Control, Automation & Electrical (Perth)        Western Australia, AU

Senior Buyer                                                                 Mississauga, ON, CA

Climate Change EIT                                                    ON, CA

Mineral Processing Consultant                                Vancouver, BC, CA

Talent Acquisition Specialist                                     Pittsburgh, PA, US

COMOS P&ID Specialist                                             Medellin, Antioquia, CO

Intermediate Mineral Processing Engineer           Vancouver, BC, CA

Power System Planning & Studies Manager          Winnipeg, MB, CA

OpenRoads Senior Designer                                     Mississauga, ON, CA

Mechanical Engineer – Building Services – Brisbane            Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Vendor Quality Surveillance (VQS) Coordinator   Houston, TX, US

Geotechnical Engineer                                               Pittsburgh, PA, US

Sudbury – Civil Designer                                             Sudbury, ON, CA

Senior Civil Engineer – Perth                                     Perth, Western Australia, AU

COMOS Technical Product Implementation Specialist       Medellin, Antioquia, CO

Civil Engineer                                                               Perth, Western Australia, AU

Niagara – Electrical – Intermediate Engineer         Niagara Falls, ON, CA

Vacation Student – Digital                                         Western Australia, AU

Structural CAD Designer                                            Tampa, FL, US

Tunnel Engineers – Geostructural                            Mississauga, ON, CA

Commercial Manager                                                Ambler, PA, US

Geotechnical Engineer – Tailings                             Mississauga, ON, CA

Technicien(e) de chantier – Inspection de barrages en remblai       Baie-Comeau, QC, CA

Senior Port Engineer                                                  Cape Town, Western Cape, ZA

NG2023 – Saskatoon – Electrical EIT                       SK, CA

Instrumentation & Control EIT – Vancouver          BC, CA

Senior Instrumentation & Control Engineer (Brisbane)      Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Graduate – Project Controls (Newcastle)               New South Wales, AU

Instrumentation & Control Engineer (Brisbane)   Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Piping Designer- Brisbane                                         Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Mechanical Designer – Brisbane                              Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Intermediate Engineer – Brisbane                            Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Electrical Engineers – Brisbane                                 Brisbane, Queensland, AU

EOI- Bulk Materials Handling engineer                   Gurugram, Haryana, IN

EOI -Bulk Material Handling Designer                    Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Site QA/QC Coordinator                                            Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

NG22 – ESG EIT – Calgary                                           AB, CA

Senior Mechanical / Piping Engineer                      Saskatoon, SK, CA

Intermediate Mechanical Engineer – Saskatoon  Saskatoon, SK, CA

Senior Civil Engineer                                                   Houston, TX, US

2023 Graduate Engineer – Structural                      Western Australia, AU

Mining Planner / Scheduler                                       Mississauga, ON, CA

Mechanical / Piping Engineer                                   Saskatoon, SK, CA

Project Manager                                                         Pittsburgh, PA, US

Application Administrator – Bentley Reality Modeling        Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Senior Process Safety Risk Engineer                       Mississauga, ON, CA

Service Desk Intern                                                     PA, US

Senior/Lead Structural Engineer                              Vancouver, BC, CA

Senior Mechanical Engineer                                     Mississauga, ON, CA

Energy Storage & Renewable Power Engineer     Mississauga, ON, CA

Vacation Student – Procurement                             Queensland, AU

Spécialiste – Soumissions et offres de services     Montréal, QC, CA

EOI – Payroll Administrator – 6 months contract  Mississauga, ON, CA

Lead Geotechnical Engineer                                     Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Process Engineer                                                         Calgary, AB, CA

Lead Geotechnical Engineer                                     Sydney, New South Wales, AU

Project Planners                                                          Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Simulation Engineer                                                   Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Project Manager – Rail Transit (Brooklyn)              Brooklyn, NY, US

Junior Electrical/Control & Automation Designer               BC, CA

DevOps Consultant                                                     Mississauga, ON, CA

Intermediate Structural Engineer                            Calgary, AB, CA

Tailings Engineer                                                         Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Instrumentation & Control Engineers (Perth)       Perth, Western Australia, AU

Administrateur de contrats – Montréal                  Montréal, QC, CA

Geotechnical EIT – Winnipeg                                    MB, CA

Vacation Student – Process Engineering                Western Australia, AU

Vacation Student – Structural (Perth)                      Western Australia, AU

Vacation Student – Environmental (Sydney)          New South Wales, AU

Vacation Student – Civil                                             Queensland, AU

Vacation Student – Environmental (Adelaide)       South Australia, AU

Senior Mechanical Engineer – St-John’s, NL          St. John’s, NL, CA

Engineering Manager                                                 Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Procurement Specialist – Perth                                 Perth, Western Australia, AU

Facilities and Printing Centre Representative       Mississauga, ON, CA

Facilities and Printing Centre Representative – 18 months contract              Mississauga, ON, CA

Revenue Systems Consultant                                   Washington, DC, US

Intermediate Project Engineer – Brisbane              Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Study/Project Manager – Brisbane                          Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Senior Structural Engineer                                        Sydney, New South Wales, AU

BIM / Digital Engineering Manager                         Sydney, New South Wales, AU

Adelaide Project Controller                                      Adelaide, South Australia, AU

Scheduler                                                                      Adelaide, South Australia, AU

COMOS Technical Product Implementation Specialist       Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Co-Op – Business Analyst                                           MB, CA

Advisory Analyst                                                          Lima, LIM, PE

Pursuit Manager                                                          Santiago, Santiago Province, CL

Piping Engineers                                                          Perth, Western Australia, AU

EOI – Procurement Manager                                    Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Bulk Materials Handling Engineer                            Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Senior Specialist, Community Engagement and Social Performance            Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BR

Senior Rail Vehicle Electrical Engineer                   Washington, DC, US

Senior Power Systems Engineer – Perth                 Perth, Western Australia, AU

Senior Power Systems Engineer – Melbourne       Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Junior Commissioning Engineer                               Queensland, AU

Engagement Manager – Management Consulting              Mississauga, ON, CA

Construction and Shutdown Planner                      Salt Lake City, UT, US

SAP C4C Architect / Techno-functional Analyst / Developer            Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Senior Power Systems Engineer – Brisbane           Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Senior Power Systems Engineer – Adelaide           Adelaide, South Australia, AU

NG 2022 – Estimator                                                   SK, CA

Project Area Manager – Kemerton                          Perth, Western Australia, AU

Senior Power Systems Engineer – Sydney              Sydney, New South Wales, AU

Vacation Student – Mechanical (Perth)                   Western Australia, AU

Senior Power Systems Engineer – Melbourne       Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Civil Engineer, Montreal                                            Montréal, QC, CA

Vacation Student – Mechanical (Wollongong)      New South Wales, AU

Piping Engineer (Brisbane)                                        Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Senior Grid Modernization Engineer                       Tampa, FL, US

Vacation Student – Control, Automation & Electrical (Perth)           Western Australia, AU

Electrical Designer                                                      Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Geotechnical EIT                                                         SK, CA

Senior Tailings Engineer                                            Mississauga, ON, CA

Director, Sustainability                                              Houston, TX, US

Sr. Mining Engineer /Mining Lead – Adelaide        Adelaide, South Australia, AU

Intermediate Civil Designer                                      Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Junior Procurement Agent                                        UT, US

Estimator                                                                      Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Junior Bridge Engineer                                               Mississauga, ON, CA

Mississauga – Layout Lead – Design Coordinator Mississauga, ON, CA

HVAC & Building Services Engineer                         Mississauga, ON, CA

Software Developer                                                   Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Project Manager Infrastructure                               Mississauga, ON, CA

Senior Mechanical Engineer – Niagara Falls          Niagara Falls, ON, CA

Clerk of Works                                                             Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Project Accountant                                                     Ambler, PA, US

Advisory Engagement Manager                               Montreal, QC, CA

Vacation Student – Simulation                                  Queensland, AU

Vacation Student – Mineral Processing                  Queensland, AU

Vacation Student – Control, Automation & Electrical         Queensland, AU

Engagement Manager                                               London, London, GB

Project Engineer – Brisbane                                      Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Vacation Student – Process Engineering                Queensland, AU

Vacation Student – Tailings                                       Queensland, AU

Senior Revit Draftsperson                                         Newcastle, New South Wales, AU

Vacation Student – Structural                                   Queensland, AU

Advisory Business Analyst                                         Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BR

Project Support Specialist                                         Mississauga, ON, CA

Mississauga I&C Senior Engineer                             Mississauga, ON, CA

Bulk Material Handling Package Engineer VBME (site)       St. John’s, NL, CA

Economic Analyst                                                       Brooklyn, NY, US

Senior Electrical Designer – Mississauga                Mississauga, ON, CA

Structural Draftsperson                                             Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Civil Designer – Roads & Grading                             Houston, TX, US

Graduate – Project Controls                                      Queensland, AU

Director, Impact Assessment                                   Houston, TX, US

Regional Geospatial Lead – Brisbane                      Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Process Engineer                                                         Dorking, Surrey, GB

Vacation Student – Environmental                          Queensland, AU

Senior Structural Engineer                                        Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Electrical Project Manager – Grid Modernization Boston, MA, US

Electrical Engineer – Asset Management               Tampa, FL, US

Electrical Engineer – Grid Transformation             Tampa, FL, US

Technicien(ne) concepteur(rice) en génie civil, Montréal  Montréal, QC, CA

Civil Designer, Montreal                                            Montreal, QC, CA

Technologies Mechanical Engineer                        Mississauga, ON, CA

Client Engagement Manager                                    Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Administration Officer                                               Perth, Western Australia, AU

Structural Designer                                                     Sudbury, ON, CA

Structural Engineer                                                     Sudbury, ON, CA

Intermediate/Senior Designer – Rail – Edmonton Edmonton, AB, CA

Intermediate Automation Engineer, Fredericton Fredericton, NB, CA

Transmission Powerline Supervisor                         Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Transmission Substation Site Supervisor                Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Power Systems Studies & HVDC Engineer              Mississauga, ON, CA

Procurement Manager                                              Medellin, Antioquia, CO

Intermediate Geotechnical Engineer                      Saskatoon, SK, CA

Vacation Student – Mechanical                                Queensland, AU

Advisory Analyst – Asset Management                   Santiago, Santiago Province, CL

Contracts Agent                                                          Salt Lake City, UT, US

Intermediate/Senior Designer – Rail – Winnipeg   Winnipeg, MB, CA

Intermediate/Senior Designer – Rail – Calgary      Calgary, AB, CA

Project Information Manager                                  Mississauga, ON, CA

Document Control Manager                                    Mississauga, ON, CA

Intern – Business Analyst                                           11, CN

Construction Supervisor Structural, Mechanical, Platework and Piping       Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Accounts Receivable Officer                                    Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Quality Surveillance Coordinator                             Perth, Western Australia, AU

Mechanical Designer                                                  Perth, Western Australia, AU

Snr Power Systems Engineer – Sydney                    Sydney, New South Wales, AU

Facilities Design Coordinator – Transit                   Mississauga, ON, CA

Facilities Design Manager – Transit                         Mississauga, ON, CA

Bentley STAAD Technical Product Configuration Specialist & Administration            Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Control & Automation Designer Instrumentation               Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Piping Designer                                                            Gurugram, Haryana, IN

A – Environmental Engineer / Scientist – Perth      Perth, Western Australia, AU

Bilingual Senior Product Manager                           Medellin, Antioquia, CO

Bilingual Senior Software Developer                      Medellin, Antioquia, CO

Bilingual Application Architect                                 Medellin, Antioquia, CO

Bilingual UX Lead                                                        Medellin, Antioquia, CO

Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Australia-Asia         Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Application Administrator – AutoDesk Civil 3D      Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Application Administrator – OpenGround              Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Concepteur Senior, Électrique – Montréal             Montréal, QC, CA

Application Administrator – OpenPlant                   Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Sustainable Transportation Consultant                  Brooklyn, NY, US

Sr Instrumentation & Controls Engineer – Future Opportunities -St. John’s, Nl          St. John’s, NL, CA

Senior Project Manager                                             Columbus, OH, US

Construction Supervisor Structural, Mechanical, Platework and Piping       Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Graduate Business Analyst                                        11, CN

Site Quality Manager                                                 Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Contract Administrator                                              Perth, Western Australia, AU

Mechanical Engineer – Brisbane                              Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Risk Manager                                                               Pittsburgh, PA, US

Controls EIT- BP-Tech                                                ON, CA

Junior Mechanical/Piping Engineers                       Houston, TX, US

Civil Designer – Roads & Grading                             Pittsburgh, PA, US

Engagement Manager                                               Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Graduate Engineer – Temporary Works                 Victoria, AU

Senior Civil Engineer                                                   Pittsburgh, PA, US

Especialista Mecánico – Comisionamiento            Antofagasta, Antofagasta, CL

Dam Engineer – FEA Analyst                                      Calgary, AB, CA

Project Engineer / Manager (Water and Wastewater)       Pittsburgh, PA, US

Project Engineer                                                          Perth, Western Australia, AU

Senior Planner                                                             Tampa, FL, US

Junior Piping Designer                                                ON, CA

Geospatial – Australia – Graduate                            Queensland, AU

EOI- Plumbing and Firefighting Engineer               Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Engagement Manager                                               Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

CAD Support Specialist                                               Mississauga, ON, CA

SAP C4C Architect / Techno-functional analyst / Developer            Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Project Procurement Manager -Pittsburgh, PA    Pittsburgh, PA, US

Transmission Resident Site Engineer                      Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Power System Planning & Studies Manager          Winnipeg, MB, CA

Software Engineer – Backend                                   Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Advisory Management Consultant                          Chicago, IL, US

Software Engineer – Frontend                                  Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

Senior Design Manager/System Integration Leader           Brooklyn, NY, US

Intermediate Linear Infrastructure Water/Wastewater Engineer  Mississauga, ON, CA

Advisory Business Analyst                                         Brooklyn, NY, US

Business Development Manager                             Houston, TX, US

Junior Control and Automation Engineer              Tampa, FL, US

Spécialiste Acquisition des talents, Campus – Montréal     Montréal, QC, CA

IROC User Experience Lead                                      Mississauga, ON, CA

Contracts Manager                                                    Mississauga, ON, CA

Process Engineers – Mineral Processing                 Montreal, QC, CA

Senior Communications Engineer – Mississauga  Mississauga, ON, CA

Ingénieurs en Procédés – Traitement des minerais             Montréal, QC, CA

Structural Engineering Intern                                   Tampa, FL, US

Analista Contable                                                        Medellin, Antioquia, CO

Junior Controls & Automation Engineer                Pittsburgh, PA, US

Advisory Management Consultant                          Mississauga, ON, CA

Junior Electrical Engineer                                          Tampa, FL, US

Mechanical Engineer – Saskatoon                           Saskatoon, SK, CA

Utility Asset Management Engineer                       Vancouver, BC, CA

Biologiste – Montréal                                                 Montréal, QC, CA

Junior Electrical Engineer                                          Pittsburgh, PA, US

Junior Electrical Engineer – Ports & Terminals      TX, US

Business Development Manager                             Pittsburgh, PA, US

2023 Graduate Engineer – Digital (Perth)               Western Australia, AU

EOI – HVAC Engineer                                                  Gurugram, Haryana, IN

EOI – HVAC Designer/ Revit Modeler                      Gurugram, Haryana, IN

EOI – Electrical Designer (REVIT 3D)                        Gurugram, Haryana, IN

EOI – Engineer/Sr Engineer – Electrical                   Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Mississauga – Hydromet Process Engineer in Training        ON, CA

Business Development Executive – Digital             Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, AE

EOI- Plumbing and Firefighting Designer               Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Senior HVDC Engineer                                                Winnipeg, MB, CA

Power System Planning Engineer                            Mississauga, ON, CA

Electrical (Power Systems) EIT – Winnipeg            Winnipeg, MB, CA

Process Engineer – Hydrometallurgy                       Perth, Western Australia, AU

Senior Traction Power Engineer                              Chicago, IL, US

Advisory Consultant                                                   Santiago, Santiago Province, CL

Intermediate Electrical Engineer – Vancouver      Vancouver, BC, CA

Rail Vehicle Electrical Engineer                                Los Angeles, CA, US

Technologies Senior Buyer                                       Mississauga, ON, CA

Planner – Brisbane                                                       Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Water Resources Engineer                                       Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Ingénieur Sénior, Géotechnique – Montréal          Montréal, QC, CA

Health & Safety Advisor                                             Mississauga, ON, CA

Document Controller/Project Administrator        Sydney, New South Wales, AU

Cadet Civil Designer                                                   Queensland, AU

COMOS Electrical SME                                               Gurugram, Haryana, IN

COMOS PFD Specialist                                               Gurugram, Haryana, IN

Mechanical Design Coordinator                              Sudbury, ON, CA

Senior Process Engineer – Crystallization               Houston, TX, US

Hatch Group Energy, Construction and Engineering Jobs
Hatch Group Energy, Construction and Engineering Jobs
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