September 29, 2022
Civmec Engineering and Construction Jobs

Civmec Engineering and Construction Jobs

Civmec Construction & Engineering Pty Ltd is a foreign owned private company, deriving revenue from the provision of civil construction, fabrication, pre-cast concrete, mechanical, structural and process piping services.

Civmec Engineering and Construction Jobs

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Mobile Plant Operators                                                                   Covalent, WA, AU

Boilermaker                                                                                       Pilbara Region, WA, AU

Scaffolder Advanced                                                                        Port Hedland Facility, WA, AU

Mechanical Fitter                                                                              Pilbara Region, AU

Manager Area                                                                                   Perth, WA, AU

Junior Project Engineer                                                                   Perth, WA, AU

Electrical/Instrumentation Tradesperson                                    Murrin Murrin, WA, AU

Refractory and Maintenance Shutdowns                                    Alcoa Maintenance, AU

Advisor HSE                                                                                        Perth, WA, AU

Mechanical Fitter                                                                              Roy Hill Maintenance, AU

Formworker                                                                                       Port Hedland Facility, WA, AU

Steelfixer and Concreter Dual Role                                               Port Hedland Facility, WA, AU

Advisor HSE                                                                                        Workshop Henderson, AU

Various Positions – Port Hedland Facility                                     Port Hedland Facility, WA, AU

Rigger Advanced                                                                               Workshop Henderson, WA, AU

Crane Operators                                                                               Covalent, WA, AU

Sheetmetal Worker                                                                          Iron bridge, WA, AU

Electrical Tradesperson                                                                   Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU

HSE Advisors – 2:1 Roster                                                                Pilbara Region, WA, AU

Painter Blaster                                                                                   Workshop Henderson, WA, AU

Metal Tradesperson                                                                         Gladstone QLD, QLD, AU

Supervisor SMP                                                                                 Iron bridge, WA, AU

Supervisors – Shutdown & Maintenance                                      North West WA, WA, AU

Project Manager                                                                               Perth, WA, AU

Administrator Project Senior                                                          Perth, WA, AU

Carpenter                                                                                           Covalent, WA, AU

Steel Fixer                                                                                           Covalent, WA, AU

Concrete Worker                                                                              Covalent, WA, AU

Administrator Site                                                                             Perth, WA, AU

Carpenter                                                                                           Perth, WA, AU

Boilermaker                                                                                       Covalent, WA, AU

Trades Assistant                                                                                Covalent, WA, AU

Pipe Fitter                                                                                           Covalent, WA, AU

Painting & Blasting Apprentice                                                      Workshop Henderson, WA, AU

Carpenters, Bricklayers, Plasterers                                               Alcoa Maintenance, WA, AU

Mechanical Fitters, Boilermakers, Welders                                Alcoa Maintenance, WA, AU

Divisional Lead HSE – Projects                                                        Perth, WA, AU

Administrator QC                                                                              Covalent, WA, AU

Graduate HSE Advisors                                                                    Perth, WA, AU

Mechanical Fitter                                                                              Covalent, WA, AU

Pipe Fitter                                                                                           Roy Hill, AU

Rigger Advanced                                                                               Covalent, WA, AU

Boilermaker                                                                                       Roy Hill, AU

Electrical/Instrumentation Tradesperson                                    Roy Hill, AU

Logistics Supervisors & Material Controllers                              Iron bridge, WA, AU

Rigger Advanced                                                                               Roy Hill

Mobile Plant Operators                                                                   Roy Hill, AU

Mechanical Fitter                                                                              Roy Hill, AU

Superintendent QA                                                                           Perth, WA, AU

Estimator SMP Lead                                                                         Perth, WA, AU

Project Engineers – Covalent Lithium Refinery                           Perth, WA, AU

Welder                                                                                                Workshop Henderson, WA, AU

Boilermaker                                                                                       Workshop Henderson, WA, AU

Project Engineers – 2:1 Roster                                                       Iron bridge, WA, AU

Superintendent SMP                                                                         Pilbara Region, WA, AU

Contracts Advisor Graduate                                                           Perth, AU

HSEQ Auditor                                                                                     Perth, WA, AU

Mechanic – Iron Bridge SMP                                                           Iron bridge, WA, AU

CNC Programmer                                                                             Tomago Facility

Engineer Graduate                                                                           Perth, WA, AU

Lead Project Engineer – 2:1 Roster                                               Iron bridge, WA, AU

Document Controller                                                                       Perth, WA, AU

Civil Trades Covalent Kwinana                                                       Covalent, WA, AU

Refractory Positions – Covalent                                                     Perth, WA, AU

Mechanic                                                                                            Perth, WA, AU

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Civmec Engineering and Construction Jobs
Civmec Engineering and Construction Jobs
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