September 29, 2022
American Express Credit Card

American Express Credit Card Offers – Travel Tips

American Express (AX) credit cards are among the most well-known credit cards. The company has been around for decades, and they offer a variety of perks and benefits for their credit holders. Many people, when they first apply for an American Express Credit Card, choose the Platinum Card because it’s the card with the biggest perks. But what exactly are these great benefits of the Platinum Card? How does American Express credit cards benefit travelers like you and me?

First, American Express Credit Cards are well known for having complimentary travel benefits. While other credit card perks and travel insurance coverage are often considered secondary to other cardholder incentives and rewards programs, these perks can also be just as important if you travel frequently. When you pay with a credit card company that offers complimentary flight insurance, baggage cover, or missed flight compensation, you can receive reimbursed for any of your out-of-pocket expenses for a pre-arranged trip, including tickets, accommodations, meals, and rental cars. The welcome bonus to this perk comes in the form of American Express’ logo-emblazoned platinum metal. You can feel proud carrying this around with you at all times.

American Express Platinum Card holders can also earn points and rewards for their purchases. The number of points and rewards points that you can earn varies by Card member, but all American Express credit cards come with an overall maximum credit limit. Once you have reached your maximum credit limit, you’ll earn an extra point or Platinum Card reward every time that you make a purchase, whether it’s a hotel stay or a car rental.

If you don’t plan on using your card to make regular, everyday purchases, then you might consider a Card with no annual fee and a low cashback or rewards rate. American Express has several cards that fall into this category. The Cashback Blue card earns 1% back for business and medical expenses; the Gold Card earns five percent cash back on general purchases; the Platinum Card earns ten percent cash back on dining, gasoline, hotel stays, and entertainment (both rentals and theme park tickets are eligible). The Gold Card and Platinum Cards are currently the only credit cards in the American Express line that offer a zero percent ARP on balance transfers. The Cashback Blue card can earn one hundred and twenty dollars in cash back rewards or three hundred and fifty dollars in annual fee credits, making it a good deal for frequent travelers.

The cashback and rewards programs offered by American Express are quite good compared to other companies. However, there is one catch: there is an annual fee. Although there is no annual fee, if you use your card frequently, this can be quite a hefty expense. If you travel often, the cash back might not be worth the annual fee. Still, it may be a good option if you fly often or if you simply want the convenience of a credit card without any annual fee. American Express offers the following credit cards:

The Amex Mayfly card allows the holder to earn double points for every dollar of purchases made, even if the purchase is made at a department store. It offers no annual fee, but there is a twelve month grace period when it comes to balance transfers. If you travel regularly, this card is worth considering, as it offers a great cash back and air travel rewards program. The rewards program may hurt the credit score of some people, however, as many people have complained about foreign transaction fees on the Amex cards. If you do decide to go with this card, however, once you receive your rebates, you will likely pay no foreign transaction fees.

The other card offered by American Express is the Amex Platinum Card. This card offers a five point program, but has higher spending limits than the Mayfly. Like the Mayfly, there is no annual fee and the limit on the cash back is twenty five thousand dollars, which is much higher than any of the other cards. You do have to pay a foreign transaction fee, however, as well as an annual fee, and you cannot exceed the limit for any cash back offers you receive.

Both of these cards are accepted almost anywhere in the world, and they can be used with any travel rewards program that American Express offers. The fact that they have higher spending limits and lower interest rates than the other cards may make them the better option. Once you start using the cards, you will probably find that they are easy to use, and the American Express credit card terms apply as they do in most countries. If you need to travel, you should look into an american express credit card, as they can give you the benefits you need.

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